Im so excited for the Kombat Pack

On March 1st The Kombat Pack 2 drops on xbox one and playstation 4. This kombat pack adds 4 additional characters and new character skins. They added Jason Voorhees, Tanya, Tremor, and Predator. I learned to love all these characters, I am really hyped for the characters in the 2nd pack, Leatherface, Xenomorph (the alien), a drunken master, and tri-borg. And a bunch of skins that have not been revealed yet. If they added a 3 pack here is 4. Characters I would like to see are Freddy Kruger(even though he was in mk9) Monkey D luffy From one piece. And that guy who a centaur from the old games. Also chucky the killer doll would be really cool.

I dislike Kylo Ren


I really dislike the Kylo Ren when he takes his mask off, he looks like a dweeby preppy boy and I cant stand looking at him. I feel more badass then Kylo Ren, i could be more skilled with a lightsaber too. It really annoyed me when he started attacking his own ship with his lightsaber when he was raging. Speaking of his lightsaber, the hell is the point of his light hilt, ill tell you what, the point is too a loose a wrist so he can be more like his precious little ancestor Anakin.


My All time Dream team.

For my blog post this week I decided too choose 5 of my faviorte players of all time and a sixth man.
Starting Point Guard: Allen Iverson (2000-2001)
Starting Shooting Guard: Michael Jordan (1985-1986)
Starting Center: Bill Russel (1964 – 1965)
Starting Small Forward: Larry Bird (1985-1986)
Starting Power Forward: Karl Malone (1998-19990
Sixth Man: Dirk Novitski (2003-2004)
Bench (random order): Domnique Wilkins, Chauncy Billups,Vince Carter, Kareem Abdul Jabarr, Gary Payton, and finally Steph Curry.
And I know this team obviously wouldnt be possible, And overpowered but it would be epic.

Embarrassing post

So, today I asked my mother what I should blog about, not having a clue what I was gonna talk about. My mom jokingly said “blog about how much you appreciate me.” thinking I wouldn’t do it in a million years,But Im going to blog about just that ME MADRE!
Ever since I was a infant in California me and my mom have been a good team. Before I could even speak I would crack up at her jokes (and be the only one in the room laughing) And because of our shared insane sense of humor, that is still the case to this day. My mom even taught me how to garden, I would be hanging off her shoulders why she would water all of our flowers and lemons and such. Sometimes I really miss my childhood being in the warmth suburban paradise I was from, but I still feel like a New York Native. Sorry for getting off topic, I really have no clue where im going with this blog so I am just going to end it right here.

Sick…. And Top Ten Twilight Zone Episodes

Sadly I havent been able to be at school today due to the fact that I feel so nauseous that the only place I feel like being besides my bed is the toilet. Im going to change the topic to Twilight Zone. The show Netflix has been providing me these last couple of days (Not a sponsor, no affiliation). I wanted to share my favorite Twilight Zone Episodes, with out giving summaries or spoilers. These episodes are short and cool so I highly recommend you watch some of these episodes for yourself.

Man vs machine in a boxing match, who will win?
10. The After Hours
Really funny twist ending

9. Steel
Man vs machine in a boxing match, who will win?

8. To Serve Man
By far the funniest twist ending in twilight zone

7. Walking Distance
A man walks into the town he lived in as a child. And the same time period.

People Are Alike All Over
This is one you should watch for yourself

5. Its a Good Life
a boy with powers takes control of a whole town.

4.The Gift. (Spoiler Alert. SPOILER ALERT)
This is the only one I will spoil, A strange man comes to a town in Mexico, this man is actually a alien. All the people wanna kill him, He leaves them with a gift, They try to kill him and they burn him and the gift. After they celebrate his death they look at the ashes of the gift. One page remained the rest were burned up. They asked what it said, The man who killed him read out “It is the cure for Cancer, the rest of it is burned up”

3 The Monsters Are Due On Mayberry Street.
This one shows that the only monsters in the world are no other then…..Us

2. 5 Characters in search of a exit
So fricking good. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS ONE
1. The Mask
A man on his death bed has his family who want him to die so they can inherit his will wear mask that resemble there inner selves.

thank you Ryan!

Thank You @ryanshollenberger for buying me birthday tacos. It was awesome to be able to go for a walk with him then eat tacos today. Ryan is a op god, and he even sustained training with Master Yoda himself! This guy told Ryan he has a hell of a beard. I am eternally grateful for you Ryan! I bow in gratitude!

City Of God.

This movie was brutal,disturbing, and realistic. I watched this movie on Monday night about the slum of Rio De Janeiro. This movie has two main characters, Rocket and Lil’ Ze (formerly Lil’ Dice). Rocket is a kid who wants to grow up and get out of the slum, he doesnt want to be a hoodlum of City Of God, Nor does he wanna be a cop of Rio. His main story his finding his purpose in life, which he finds out is photography. When Rocket is 18 he becomes a intern at a newspaper office. This woman Marina (Rocket loses his virginity to her) finds photos that Rocket took in the city of god of Lil’ Ze and publishes them. Rocket changes his name to Wilson Rodgers and lives a happy life (Not living in the slum anymore, quite rich, and later writes book City Of God). Lil Ze on the other hand had different intentions, ever since he went by the name of Lil Dice when he was 8 or so, he wanted to be the ruler of the City Of God. Lil Dice had a older brother names Shaggy and a twin named Benny. Shaggy is a part of a notroius grop in the city of god the Tender Trio. The Tender Trio consisted of Shaggy,Clipper, and Goose (Rockets brother.) Lil’ Dice and Benny always tagged along with the Tender Trio, whether they were robbing gas trucks, or holding up “whore houses”. The night that they held up the whore house, after the tender trio escaped, Lil’ Dice went in and murdured all of the people there with his older brothers hand gun. Lil Dice grew up to be a notorious drug lord of City Of God who killed to get the top of the market. The City of God is a fantastic movie that I would recommend1 to anybody mature enough to watch it. (WARNING: severe child abuse scene)

fire temple fun

Today I beat the Fire Temple in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. I freed every Goron in the Temple and defeated the mini-boss the flame dancer. After I beat the mini-boss I got the megaton hammer. Which can crush boulders and open doors and smash rusty switches. After I freed every goron, i got the boss key so I could fight the boss. Volvagia. I defeated Volvagia with the megaton hammer at my sixth try. After that I got a a new heart container. On to the ice Cavern!

Comic con hype

Tomorrow Im going to comic con with two of my friends Miles and a Jackson. Im excited to see all the cool stuff and famous people. Im really happy that two of my friends also got tickets and can enjoy the expierience with me!

One Piece rules

The Dressrossa arc just finshed and what a epic ending. Every character’s bounty went up a lot so the world goverment will be after the Straw Hats even more now. Luffy defeated Doflamingo the main villain of this arc and that was a great fight.