Today I played Order of The Stick with @ryanshollenberger. Order of the Stick is a epic adventure game that takes anyone who chose to play on a massive dungeon crawl to kill the evil lord Xykon (Who killed my main Roy’s Papa)!

Today I was Roy and Ryan was a Hobbit name Belkair. It was a epic game, and we each got 13 schtick’s. (Powers)! This game took the whole day and was a blast!

I also saw the Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies twice in theatres this week. Liking even more then I did the first time I watched. The Battle of The Five Armies was INCREDIBLE!



Brothers Talent Show, and more…….

On Thursday I went to my Brother Dante’s  talent show, at City As School on West 3rd street. I walk in to the school, and the security guard was like Why arent you in school? And I was like I planned a field trip for myself bro. So they called my Brother’s adviser Katy (also my mothers dear friend) and asked if I go inside and she said yes! We went down two flights of stairs to reach the Auditorium.

I was very excited to play the drums, And when I was on the drum kit practicing and jamming with my Brother and his friend Roger. Then this douche Josh came and said “Yo let me play drums”. So he played drums the whole time and throughout the talent show… Which rocked.

I also brought in my PS4 in this week and I beat Shadow of Mordor!

I went to Barnes and Noble this week and bought The Hobbit and Sting (Frodo and Bilbos elven  sword that turns blue when Orcs are around) which I am very happy about.