I like Joy Burger

This week Javair said to me “Hey Thanos, wanna go get burgers.” I look back at Javair “I don’t have any money” and he quickly replied that he would pay for me. We start our journey towards the restaurant to get awesome burgers. When we get there I order a cheeseburger with jalapeno,lettuce,and onion. Also a order of fries for good luck. The cashier yelled out 8 Of Diamonds. And my burger was amazing.

Hobbes is the home diggy dawg

I have a really bad-ass cat, he is the evil lord HOBBES!!! He is a toyger which is a cross between a Bengal and a tabby. I love this cat, more then any other animal/human I have ever met.

He is such a character, always talking “meow meow meow meow meow” –  my cat Hobbes.  There is this thing Hobbes does which is slap my face with a paw without a claw, I think its adorable when he does this.


I am very excited to go home today, to see Hobbes, but also to see five of my closet friends at my house. Were gonna have a great time.