Top Ten Hunter x Hunter Characters

10. Kurapika, the last survivor of the Kurta Clan (Scarlet eyes clan) He became hunter for a lust for personal revenge.

9. Pokkle, a bad ass beast hunter that is archer, who uses a bow.  He can shoot fire arrows and Light arrowsPokkle_targeting_Kyu


8 Silva Zoldyck Killua’s dad who is the father of the Zoldyck assassin family. He is a powerful nen user.

7. Beans, He is this adorable little guy who is neteros Assistant Mr._Beans_hxh_2011


6 Isaac Netero, The Head Chairman of the Hunters, He is extremely powerful, probably the strongest in the series. The picture below is fan art


5 Buhara, a gourmet hunter. He travels the world looking for  food.Buhara_2011_Design


4 Gon, the main character. Gon comes from Whale island. Wanting to become a hunter so he can meet his dad ginGon-2011g.


3 Hanzo , A ninja from Jappon. This guy is pure bad-ass. Concealed under the bandages on his forearms are two blades that he can pull out to fight with. He is  a good martial artist, capable of stunning and paralyzing a person with a single blow Hanzo_designto the back of the neck


2 Hisoka: The creepiest, Most well devolped character. Hisoka the magician has cards that are sharp like blades. He kills with them. He also has a power called bungee gum which he can stick anything to a nother substanceHisoka_PR_Movie





1 Killua, My faviorte person in thwe entire show. The youngest but strongest assasin in the Zoldyck family. He has had a dark past. he stabbed his brother and mother, and was tortured as punishment. He is 12.Killua-2011 Silva_Zoldyck_2011    Zoldyk3595253-kurapica-scarlet-eyesKurapika

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