My One Piece theory

One piece is a manga/anime created by Eiichiro Oda, he started with the short stories wanted, which featured poorly drawn characters of One Piece. One Piece was created in 1997 and is still on going. The Premise of One Piece is about a time called the great pirate era, Gol d Roger the original pirate king died and said his treasure the One Piece, is hidden in the grand line. Who ever finds it will be “King Of the Pirates” this sparks intrest in young fools and evil hearts a like, to set sail and find it! I can go on for hours, there are to many details. I just want to get to the theory. THEORY TIME!!!! There are three things that are constant themes in One Piece, Roger states them before the theme song of every episode! The Dreams of Men, The Flow of Time, and Inherited will. What do these things mean you ask? The Dreams of men… Obviously goals of men/woman to achieve what they want for themselves our the world! The flow of time is for men who couldnt complete there dreams, Death caught up with them. Which leads to the last and most important topic. Inherited Will. When people cant complete there goals. it is passed down in the bloodline to the next person to complete. Meaning if my father wanted to cook steak tonight, and he had a heart attack, and I ended up cooking the steak. I have inherited his will.
Where did my theory form from? The void century, a old crazy fool talked about it in the show. 800 years before Gol D. Roger was a pirate there were 21 kingdoms. 20 of them were in alliance and the odd one out was the Ancient Kingdom. The Ancient Kingdom had operations to connect all 4 oceans and create the One Piece. The other 20 kingdoms got pissed. Formed the World Goverment (police force who belive in “justice and stop pirates”) The ancient kingdom and there operations were washed in to history! 800 years after these events Roger found out about the operation. On the day of his execution He told the world to look for the One Piece. Roger was the only person who knew of the kingdom plans. And now are protaginist Monkey D. Luffy, has inherited rogers will. he will become king of the pirates and connect all oceans for a perfect world of sailing. Sanji would be happy because he found the All Blue , and it would be easier for Nami to make a map of the world. I have many more details. Come talk to Thanos for more!