Counter Strike and LOTR

These two pieces of epic entertainment, two things that I never cared for, but now have a love for that shall live on too the end of my days.

Lord Of The Rings, if you are a human being on this place we call “Earth” you have most likely heard of the novel The Hobbit. This awesome piece of literature written by J.RR Tolkien prequels the trilogy epic Lord Of The Rings. In The Hobbit you follow, well a hobbit. If you don’t know Hobbits are a race in Middle-Earth that are short, curly haired, pipe smoking, alcoholics. Yes I know what your thinking they are bad-ass. Why are they bad-ass? Because, there not bad-ass one bit whatsoever. Reasoning being there are Elves,Wizards,Dragons,Dwarves,Trolls,Goblins,Ghouls, and all other strange mystical  creatures in Middle-Earth. In The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins are protagonist sets off with 13 dwarves (Including the legendary Thorin Oakenshield, and Gandalf The Grey) To kill the dragon Smaug and give The Dwarves the land that is rightfully theres. On this quest Bilbo meets a corrupted hobbit name Gollum, or Smeagol. They play a game of riddles for the One Ring….

Bilbo eventually gives the ring to his nephew Frodo… Thus starting the quest to DESTROY THE RING! Please, for the love of god if you havent seen any of cheese movies watch all of them.

Counter Strike Global Offensive, is a steam game made my Valve which consist of Terrorist and Counter Terrorist played by other people killing eachother, getting new weapons. And becoming the best rank. I am in love with this game.

Soup Dumplings

Last night, me and my family went to chinatown for dinner. We went to the restaurant Shanghai Asain Manner. The food was fantastic. 3 orders of soup dumplings, filled with pork and amazing salty soup came to the table. I felt like hobbes when we give him the treats he like. The End