Fist Of The North Star

This week I started watching a anime called fist of the north star, Known in Japan as Hokuto no Ken. The theme of this completely bad-ass anime/manga is a post-apocaplyitc martial arts epicness created by . I have only seen the first two episodes, but was so intrigued that I feel determined to watch the full 109 episodes! The story follows a Man named Kenshiro (He goes by Ken) who is he coolest character in the show, he is clearly based on Bruce Lee and has 100’s of powerful North Star Martial arts attack. There is also a Fist Of The North Star 2 which spans from Episode 110 to when the show ends at 152. later in the year I will post a full review of the anime I completed, consider this the pre-review. please be patient until I finish the show and can post a real review.

This week Ryan showed me a super-group called the Highwaymen, The Highwaymen consit of Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, and  Waylon Jennings! There self titled song is about resurrection. They all are the same person in a different time and at a different life. There an extremley over-powered group and I am grateful towards @ryanshollenberger for showing me this group! Thanks dude!

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