City Of God.

This movie was brutal,disturbing, and realistic. I watched this movie on Monday night about the slum of Rio De Janeiro. This movie has two main characters, Rocket and Lil’ Ze (formerly Lil’ Dice). Rocket is a kid who wants to grow up and get out of the slum, he doesnt want to be a hoodlum of City Of God, Nor does he wanna be a cop of Rio. His main story his finding his purpose in life, which he finds out is photography. When Rocket is 18 he becomes a intern at a newspaper office. This woman Marina (Rocket loses his virginity to her) finds photos that Rocket took in the city of god of Lil’ Ze and publishes them. Rocket changes his name to Wilson Rodgers and lives a happy life (Not living in the slum anymore, quite rich, and later writes book City Of God). Lil Ze on the other hand had different intentions, ever since he went by the name of Lil Dice when he was 8 or so, he wanted to be the ruler of the City Of God. Lil Dice had a older brother names Shaggy and a twin named Benny. Shaggy is a part of a notroius grop in the city of god the Tender Trio. The Tender Trio consisted of Shaggy,Clipper, and Goose (Rockets brother.) Lil’ Dice and Benny always tagged along with the Tender Trio, whether they were robbing gas trucks, or holding up “whore houses”. The night that they held up the whore house, after the tender trio escaped, Lil’ Dice went in and murdured all of the people there with his older brothers hand gun. Lil Dice grew up to be a notorious drug lord of City Of God who killed to get the top of the market. The City of God is a fantastic movie that I would recommend1 to anybody mature enough to watch it. (WARNING: severe child abuse scene)

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