Sick…. And Top Ten Twilight Zone Episodes

Sadly I havent been able to be at school today due to the fact that I feel so nauseous that the only place I feel like being besides my bed is the toilet. Im going to change the topic to Twilight Zone. The show Netflix has been providing me these last couple of days (Not a sponsor, no affiliation). I wanted to share my favorite Twilight Zone Episodes, with out giving summaries or spoilers. These episodes are short and cool so I highly recommend you watch some of these episodes for yourself.

Man vs machine in a boxing match, who will win?
10. The After Hours
Really funny twist ending

9. Steel
Man vs machine in a boxing match, who will win?

8. To Serve Man
By far the funniest twist ending in twilight zone

7. Walking Distance
A man walks into the town he lived in as a child. And the same time period.

People Are Alike All Over
This is one you should watch for yourself

5. Its a Good Life
a boy with powers takes control of a whole town.

4.The Gift. (Spoiler Alert. SPOILER ALERT)
This is the only one I will spoil, A strange man comes to a town in Mexico, this man is actually a alien. All the people wanna kill him, He leaves them with a gift, They try to kill him and they burn him and the gift. After they celebrate his death they look at the ashes of the gift. One page remained the rest were burned up. They asked what it said, The man who killed him read out “It is the cure for Cancer, the rest of it is burned up”

3 The Monsters Are Due On Mayberry Street.
This one shows that the only monsters in the world are no other then…..Us

2. 5 Characters in search of a exit
So fricking good. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS ONE
1. The Mask
A man on his death bed has his family who want him to die so they can inherit his will wear mask that resemble there inner selves.