Embarrassing post

So, today I asked my mother what I should blog about, not having a clue what I was gonna talk about. My mom jokingly said “blog about how much you appreciate me.” thinking I wouldn’t do it in a million years,But Im going to blog about just that ME MADRE!
Ever since I was a infant in California me and my mom have been a good team. Before I could even speak I would crack up at her jokes (and be the only one in the room laughing) And because of our shared insane sense of humor, that is still the case to this day. My mom even taught me how to garden, I would be hanging off her shoulders why she would water all of our flowers and lemons and such. Sometimes I really miss my childhood being in the warmth suburban paradise I was from, but I still feel like a New York Native. Sorry for getting off topic, I really have no clue where im going with this blog so I am just going to end it right here.

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