My All time Dream team.

For my blog post this week I decided too choose 5 of my faviorte players of all time and a sixth man.
Starting Point Guard: Allen Iverson (2000-2001)
Starting Shooting Guard: Michael Jordan (1985-1986)
Starting Center: Bill Russel (1964 – 1965)
Starting Small Forward: Larry Bird (1985-1986)
Starting Power Forward: Karl Malone (1998-19990
Sixth Man: Dirk Novitski (2003-2004)
Bench (random order): Domnique Wilkins, Chauncy Billups,Vince Carter, Kareem Abdul Jabarr, Gary Payton, and finally Steph Curry.
And I know this team obviously wouldnt be possible, And overpowered but it would be epic.

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